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Period 1945-1966
Period 1966-1998
BJ. Habibie
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Abdurrahman Wahid
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Family Details
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Name :

Karina Kartika Sari Dewi Soekarno

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Brief History :

foto Karina Kartika Sari Dewi Soekarno Karina Kartika Sari Dewi Sukarno, was born in Tokyo, Japan on March 11, 1967, he is the daughter of the former first President of the Republic of Indonesia and his wife Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno.
Kartika was raised in Paris, then worked as a television journalist in Tokyo and later at advertising agencies in New York, and later on a foundation in the United States before founding the KSF (Kartika Soekarno Foundation) has its aim to elicits children's education in Indonesia. She was married with the President of Citibank Europe, Frits Frederik Seegers from Netherlands on December 2, 2005.
Karina is taken care by Mrs. Dewi in Montainge Avenue, Paris, France. Dewi Sukarno at that time was save herself by settling abroad. As one witness of the live events G30S PKI, Dewi felt threatened, which then made her escaped abroad. Kartikaonce took her school in France, and then continued to Switzerland.
Her graduation made Karina back to the land of cherry, Japan. In Japan, Karina worked as a television journalist in Tokyo. Ratna Sari Dewi's move to the United States helped bring Karina. This time, Karina worked in advertising agencies in New York City. During her stay in the United Sarikat, Karina also worked at a private foundation.
The experience gained brought Karina established her own foundation, the Kartika Soekarno Foundation (KSF) which is engaged for the Indonesian basic education, culture, and mother-child welfare. Kartika Sari foundation's head office is in Amsterdam, Holland. Karina had been lots of donating the Indonesian schools. Through her Kartika Sari Foundation he gave some fund to schools in Java, among others, are in Kebumen, Solo and the town where his father was buried, Blitar.
In September 1999, Karina visited several neighborhood health center in Subang, West Java. She also presented a situation that is before the members of the United States National Committee that creates a sense of sympathy on the conditions that exist in Indonesia.
Karina has also been raising funds for the Indonesian children education through a charity event titled Night Bali. The event was also supported by the singer Mick Jagger, Donna Karan and Oliver Stone managed to collect for fund ammounted to $ 180,000. The funds were handed over to UNICEF for education of children - children of Indonesia through the Indonesia program Relief Education Campaign Preventing a Lost Generation.
On August 2002, Karina returned to Jakarta in order to perform the same Unicef programs, the Indonesian Relief Education Campaign Preventing a Lost Generation. Together with a model of the Netherlands, Annette Laurer, and two officials from the United States National Committee, Donna Blackwell and Lisa Szarkowski and journalist Eliza McCarthy they visited numbers of neighborhood health center in Jakarta, and visited their projects in Semarang, titled "School-Based Management Project". After that they flew to Yogyakarta, visited the street children project. Their arrival was greeted by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X of Yogyakarta Palace.
In 2005, Karina is married to President of Citibank Europe, which originated from the Netherlands, Frits Frederik Seegers, at the Hotel Intercontinental Amstel, Amsterdam. They got a son namely Frederik Seegers Kiran Sukarno.
On last July 2008, Karina, her husband and their son children come to Yogyakarta. In Solo, Karina knighted by Kraton Surakarta. Karina was flattered for the title she got.
According to Karina, the more excited this title in carrying out her KSF mission. Jointly presenting on her graduation Prince Henry D'Arenberg and Princess Diane D'Arenberg from Belgium.
Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno (ラトナ サリ デヴィ スカルノ Ratona Sari Devi Sukaruno)

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